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  • "Assessment in this spirit does not concern assignment of grades or evaluation ...(it should be) designed squarely to feed into the learning process and make the learning stronger." - David N. Perkins

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Traditionally trainers fall back on participant-feedback, done at the end of the program for any improvement/changes. However, the process of designing and delivering training has more facets than what is captured in the participant feedback.

There is a basket of competencies that are crucial for the trainer to perform effectively, and a trainer assessment of the same would go a long way in your career as a Trainer.For enabling you, the TRAINER, to develop your competencies and orient towards success, this unique multi-rater instrument has been designed and developed by UniTol Team.

This Competency Assessment Tool and the resultant Scorecard provides you a comprehensive assessment on trainer competencies and work on your development plan. If you are an organization, use this tool to generate the Scorecards of your In-house Trainers.


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